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Online Horse Betting - Value Players

Posted by Brian Mulligan on 1/14/2013 5:58:49 PM

One of the keys for online sports betting site players to succeed is trying to find value, both in the horses that one plays and also in the humans where you put your hard-earned money.

As far as riders are concerned, you have to look outside the box to find a jockey that can bring you back dollars in bunches.

Edwin Maldonado comes to mind.

He won the Fairplex title this summer over Martin Pedroza, who has owned that racetrack for decades.

And at the fall meeting in Inglewood at Betfair Hollywood, he nipped star pilot Rafael Bejarano to win the riding title by a win.

Return on investment is when a rider shows a profit based on a betting sites 2-dollar flat wager and Maldonado fits the bill.

Maldonado is currently 2nd in the Santa Anita standings again behind Bejarano but his average winner has paid nearly $11.50. Some of the more fashionable riders stay away from the cheaper horses but that doesn’t faze Edwin. He wins with 15% of his maiden claimers so far this Anita meet.

On the other coast, online sports betting site players have a number of riders they can key into to get value.

Like Maldonado, Jose Lezcano gets on horses no matter what their class. At the Gulfstream meet so far this season, he has also been very good in maiden claimers winning with 19 of his first 71 mounts with those kinds of sellers. That leads the standings.

Paco Lopez and Elvis Trujillo are both in the top ten in the Gulfstream standings and both offer players good opportunities to make cash.

Trujillo has been a bit unlucky as he started the meeting winning 12 of his first 107 starters but he has also been in the money 25 others times. He has been a little cold of late, but his average winner this meeting has paid $18.35.

Lopez is a much better sprint rider than a rider of routes. He can get a horse to break and coax him on the lead as well as anybody in Florida. He started the meeting winning with about 13% of his starters but is over 20% with sprinters.

He is still finding his way on the turf course when at Gulfstream, timing and trips are important but his average winner this meet has come back nearly $19.25 and that will pay for a lot of beers and hot dogs.

For those players that like to take a shot and try to shoot for the moon, there is a rider at Gulfstream that bettors have to pay attention to and that’s Luca Panici.

He has only won with 3 of his first 41 mounts but 8 others ran in the money and his average winner paid over $42.50.

Granted, nobody can just plug in numbers like this and expect results and high payoffs but these trends start as trends for a reason and the reason is that it has already happened.

Sometimes people in all walks of life just feel comfortable doing one or two things and the confidence exudes from there. It can be the same thing in horse betting.

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