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Posted by on 3/26/2014 9:38:54 PM

Most online sports betting site players have probably encountered some sort of malfunction computer-wise and a simple reboot sometimes clears things up.

The same can be done if one’s handicapping becomes stale, unimaginative and unsuccessful and a little look back to the future and a taste of basic equine thinking can help. So let’s proceed.

Take for instance the general appearance of a runner at say Santa Anita. If watching a feed, it’s not easy to assess physicality but it can be done under the right circumstances and if one works at it, the exercise can be fruitful.

Just like when a human cleans up good and has pep to his or her step, the horse can act the same way. A shiny coat, alert eyes, and a confident strut can go a long way. Conversely, is a horse is antsy, appears upset or has broken out in a definite sweat, then that runner may leave his best chances of winning in the post parade and not on the track.

Focusing on class at major tracks like Gulfsteam and Aqueduct or at little tracks like Turf Paradise or Sunland Park is a tricky thing to do especially now a days when speed because so important. Speed and class are interwoven but just because is dropping down the claiming ladder, that doesn’t always imply a winning race is near.

Number one, they may be dropping because they are not going good physically or they may have just lost confidence. When runners are constantly overmatched, they can just lose the ability to compete. Be very wary of a runner that has no speed and is dropping. Often times, they will still find themselves with much to much work too do turning for the wire.

Number two; nobody gives anything away at the racetrack. A horse is not dropping because he is at the top of his game, he’s dropping because something has been lacking in his recent races.

A change in equipment can really shake a horse up. Young horses are like little babies, they are growing and maturing almost hourly and sometimes their focus just wanders.

Putting blinkers on a runner is done to get the runner to concentrate at the task that is in front of him. Think of if as if you are driving a car. If you are focused entirely on the road ahead and not distracted by the cute girl on the sidewalk or the newest car to your left, then a driver will be safer and able to perform at the best of his ability.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty and betting, connections play a huge part. The successful trainers get the best horses and the best riders get the best horses. Winning begets winning.

If I’m looking at a race and two horses are very even, I’ll almost always give the edge to a runner that is in the more powerful barn.

Finally, online sports betting site players can’t lose track of the thing that makes the world go around. Pace.

Especially in big races, some because of the hype or the aura of an important race can ignore pace but the tempo of the race dictates the result.

A horse that can get a lead all by himself is one of the most dangerous bets in the game and when we find those, capitalize.

Be honest and true to ourselves and look inward for winners.

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