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Horse Racing Online Betting - What Do Trainers Do Anyway?

Posted by Brian Mulligan on 1/22/2013 6:13:19 PM

Without coaching, players on sports teams would be left to their own device and that would not bring unity and in horse racing, the guys that pull the strings and stir the drink, are the trainers that map out each and every activity of his runner’s life.

Online sports betting enthusiasts know all the top trainers, just like football fans know that the Harbaugh brothers will be coaching opposite teams in the Super Bowl, but what do trainers do anyway?

A thoroughbred trainer, like a basketball coach, has to be part soccer mom, part psychiatrist, part motivator and part Marine drill sergeant. He has to know when to coddle and when to throw the gauntlet down.

Face it; a racehorse can weigh 1,000 pounds, running upwards of 40 miles per hour on legs that are supported by ankles as big as humans. To succeed, they need good care and excellent training.

A trainer is responsible for the care, management, and daily needs of a thoroughbred. On the runner’s way to getting fit, the trainer must condition the horse properly and then enter him in the correct types of online horse betting races.

Racehorses are athletes, and athletes have to practice, even if former NBA star Allen Iverson didn’t like it.

The nuts and bolts of training are tested and true but each horse must also be looked at as an individual. A runner will tell you by his demeanor and his manner how he is doing and if he can take the next hurdle.

A normal day for a trainer would be to start the first of three feedings early in the morning, around 4:00 a.m., before the workouts. Mid-morning, after cleaning and grooming, another meal will be given to the horse. The main meal will come in late afternoon, which traditionally consists of oats, sweet feed, grains, corn and maybe sweetened with molasses.

The work for the day could be a number of different chores. Early in the process, just walking or jogging will loosen up some of the muscles. Strong gallops are used to build stamina and to put a ‘foundation’ under a horse so he has something in reserve when the going gets tough.

A solid series of works or breezes are needed to get the horse racing fit. It is more important to have the works spaced correctly rather than have the times be off the charts.

A good trainer can’t make a slow horse run. The horse has to have talent, but a good trainer can bring out the best in a horse by finding out what the runner does best. A trainer has to figure out if his runner is a speed horse or a horse that will go a distance of ground. All horses are different. A trainer has to be super observant and just like a lot of things in life it’s the small things that count. Every sign of energy a horse shows, or lack there of, must be evaluated and worked on.

It is often a case of trying different things to get a horse to run better and that is why there are so many changes in a regimen. A betting sites runner may be tried on grass, then stretched out to a route, and then equipped with blinkers.

As humans, we all have our ‘go-to’ things that work for us and trainers try to find that one unique thing for each and every horse.

The good trainers listen and learn. The bad trainers are bad listeners.

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