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Posted by on 7/8/2013 10:48:49 PM

All online sports betting site don’t think alike, don’t bet alike or don’t handicap alike but all have some semblance of success and that is what makes this game so great.

There are 100s of different ways to look and evaluate any particular race and probably as many ways to make things go right.

Let’s look at a couple of those ways and how using these angles can work to bolster one’s bankroll.

The need for speed is as important today as it has been since Paul Revere’s Ride when he went on his midnight journey to warn the Colonial militia of the approach of the British soldiers.

Clearly, one of the best bets in all of racing is when a handicapper can find a lone speed horse in a race. It may be just a natural thing, but horses just get brave when they get a lonely, uncontested lead. Even horses that are inferior on paper sometimes just find another gear when they look around and find themselves in front in a race with no challenges.

Even if there are a number of speed horses in the race, all may not be sent.

The Triple Crown races this year were a perfect example of how speed dictates outcome. In the Derby one horse got loose and created a false pace and the closers got the money.

But in the other 2 legs, horses that had speed had a distinct advantage and prevailed.

Know that speed can also help runners avoid bad trips and bad posts and looking for the speed in the race is the FIRST things online sports betting enthusiasts should examine.

Betting purely on recent results can be a good thing or can be a bad thing. These beautiful animals are now machines.

They are not brought out of the stable, filled with high octane, with tires checked and windows cleaned and then started up but they have real blood flowing through those veins.

Like the human element, horses have bad days too. A recent win may have occurred because the sun, moon and stars where aligned and a runner got the absolute perfect trip.

Or a runner may have won because he didn’t catch the greatest of fields. Players have to understand that the cheaper runners in this sport are cheaper and run for low purses is because they cannot hold their form of a long time.

One of the most dangerous bets in the game is backing a debut winner right back against winners. No matter how impressive a horse may be graduating at first asking, this is a meteoric leap to face and beat horses that have already had experience and have run against winners.

On the other hands, if a runner seemed to be in a good spot and just threw in a bad race, that kind of running line demands attention. You can’t take the short cuts in this sport and survive.

If a runner with some semblance of quality just never kicked in the last race, did a little deeper and try to figure out why.

Was the speed bias against the runner? Did the runner have a horrible post? Did the runner encounter a roadblock or have a horrible traffic trip?

Seek and you shall find.

Good luck.

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