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Horse Racing Betting - Trending Now

Posted by Brian Mulligan on 2/6/2013 6:11:05 PM

This is what is trending now for online sports betting site players to think about as far as value around the country.

Post position is a thing that can be overlooked at times but what some don’t understand about post position is that is can sometimes dictate how a race unfolds.
If a horse has middling speed and is hung outside routing, that is one of the worst things that can happen strategy-wise.

A runner with middling speed probably doesn’t have enough gas to be in the first flight and he is not totally devoid of speed, which in that case, he could settle, tuck toward the rail and save ground.

A runner from a marooned post with middling speed is kind of in ‘no man’s land’ and is likely destined to expend energy trying to make the lead but falling short and falling out of contention.

At Gulfstream this meet, being toward the outside in races at a mile and a sixteenth or longer is not a good thing.

The inside 5 posts have been dominant so far. Runner breaking from post 7 are one for 33 in this category, post 8 is 2 for 21, post 9 zero for 15 and posts 10 and 11, zero for 17 combined.

Low betting site program numbers routing at Gulfstream is the place to be.
Blindly playing jockeys is probably not the right way to approach horse racing but when the day is done and the smoke is cleared out, a handful of riders win the majority of races at most venues around the country.

At Gulfstream this meet, Javier Castellano is leading the league but there is a sharp drop off in the number of wins once you get past the 5th rider in the standings.

With that said, there is value to be had by some of the better riders in Florida. Joe Rocco has been riding very well for months now and is currently 5th in the Gulfstream standings but his average winner has pad over $13.

Elvis Trujillo, who has won this meeting in the past, is only hitting at 11% this meet but his average winner has paid nearly $17.

Riders that have won 5 to 10 races this meeting at Gulfstream have also been good value at the windows.

Jilver Chamafi has opened the meet winning 10 of his first 81 mounts and his average winner has paid over $20.

Alan Garcia’s winners have averaged the same $20 and Jose Alvarez has popped with 12% of his starters with an average winner paying over $25.

The same trend can be found about trainers with a little research.

Little known Giuseppe Iadisernia is in the top 4 conditioners to kick off the current Gulfstream meeting and his average winner has paid nearly $18.

Antonio Sano has cracked the top 10 and his backers have been paid this meeting to the tune of $26 for an average winner.

Conversely, popular trainer that always take action are a negative as far as value is concern. Trainers like Jamie Ness, Chad Brown, Kirk Ziadie win races, but their average winner pales in comparison to the value guys on the horse betting trainer roster.

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