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Horse Race Betting - Wisdom from a Champ

Posted by Brian Mulligan on 2/5/2013 5:43:51 PM

Success in this game is not easy as all online sports betting site players know but we can all learn a thing or two from the philosophy of Jim Benes, who won the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship.

He won $750,000 finishing first and he the margin of victory was a mere $1.20. He has some insightful answers to some questions poised to him after the big day.

The format in this tourney has mandatory races to play and optional races and one thing that Benes points out is that he had a game plan and the plan was well thought out.

This is a lot different than the casual player that just fires up the computer and starts betting. There are no short cuts to winning in anything.

Being a Chicago guy, Benes was automatically behind the 8 ball because they are not running right now and he to branch out and adapt. He doesn’t use sheets or a computer program but since he has been reading the Racing Form since grade school, he obviously has his ways.

As a professional player, Benes goes to the track nearly every day at either Arlington Park or Hawthorne and anybody that has done this for any amount of time knows that you see things then that nobody else sees sometimes. He relies on his buddy’s figures and he has his own trip notes that he shares.

Learning from his father and grandfather, Benes had to overcome some of the tendency of dad, who leaned toward betting favorites over value. He went on to say he learned from people at the track and that you are always learning. If you don’t work he says, you pay the price.

And that’s true for everybody in every walk of like. Michael Jordan just didn’t wake up one day and become the best of all time, he worked at it, just like Kobe does or those players that were in last weekend’s Super Bowl.

Benes puts in the work. He spends about 12 hours a day working the track and he says discipline is key.

They say if you like your job, you are never really working and Benes enjoys his work. He hears all the horse betting chatter at the track and knows it is not for him, it’s not a social event but he’s there for a true purpose.

Lastly, this racing thing is not a new thing for Benes. When he was a around 10 years old, he missed the first week at fifth grade because he hit a $3,000 trifecta at Detroit. He was there with his dad and a few years later at his 8th grade graduation, the principal cornered him and said, ‘ You’re here? The track’s open.”

Bottom line here is that there are no freebies in life. If you want to succeed in something, either being the best pencil salesman in the world, the President of the United States or a winning handicapper, you have to put in the betting sites time and work.

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