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Betting Horse Racing - Resolutions to Keep

Posted by Brian Mulligan on 12/31/2012 3:43:59 PM
Okay, resolutions like joining a gym or learning a foreign language are all well and good but they seldom last but making equine resolutions that will earn money is something very worthwhile.

The discipline for online sports betting players to show is to stick with the game plan and it will provide dividends.

Sometimes we all have to just looked ourselves in the mirror and get real and that can mean some honest talk to one’s self.

First off, try to stay away from the deep closers in most races unless the price is really right. Just by logic, runners that must concede double digits early either have to be extremely special, or lucky, or traffic free all of the time to succeed. It’s just one more thing to overcome.

Next, try to resist the temptation to take the easy way out and succumb to betting the favorite especially when an online horse betting race looks pretty wide open on paper. Sure, it’s always a kick to cash a ticket, but eat chalk on a consistent basis and one will choke on it.

When thinking about making a major wager, look for a horse that has shown quality. Cheaper runners, under the $20,000 claiming level, by nature keep their form for a shorter time and are therefore not as consistent as runners that have proven class and have trainers pulling the strings with concept of where they are going.

Don’t be too hard on yourself in victory or defeat. When the losers string themselves together, and they will if you play long enough, don’t lose faith but also work hard to analyze why the decisions you made betting have not worked and try to adjust.

Conversely, don’t just scream and yell when cashing a winning bet but try to learn from the win. Did the runner win easily, hence making him a threat next time or was he life and death to win, which means that you cashed a ticket but may have been lucky to do it.

Consistency is the key to superstardom in sport and it should be in betting too. Keep an even keel.

Evaluate the way one bets. Sure, it’s fashionable to go for the juggler vein and the big kill but those bets tie up money all day in some spots.

There is nothing wrong with a healthy win bet at a decent number. Even Babe Ruth didn’t hit a home run every single time to the plate. And you can use this theory when betting exotics.

Exactas can be profitable with multiple tickets and a bit easier than chasing trifectas and superfectas.

Know that Pick 3s pay more than they should at tracks day in and day out. Just because a player likes one horse in a Pick 3 sequence, it doesn’t mean that is an automatic bet. Do the research on all three races one is contemplating to bet and then decide when and where to put your hard-earned cash.

Every race does not speak to everybody. A player is not obliged to bet on all 10 or 12 races on a particular card or outing. It’s hard to have that many opinions anyway.

Lastly, try to remember playing the betting sites races is a marathon and not a sprint. Forget about if you are up or down for a day but focus on the big picture and things will be brighter at the end of the day.

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