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Betting Horse Racing - Be On The Look Out

Posted by Brian Mulligan on 12/17/2012 5:22:10 PM

With the proliferation of horse racing being simulcast daily on a number of television stations, the important job of watching horses on the race track is kind of a lost art but even those online sports betting players that just are watching horse betting feeds on TV, can glean things from a video that can be helpful in making money.

First off, in order to have the time to devote to paying attention to a post parade on TV, the player has to do all the preliminary work before hand.

That means the pace ratings have to be analyzed, the speed figures have to be differentiated and contenders have to be weaned.

Then it’s time to watch and try to learn.

Anybody who has been at the track and has watched horses come onto the track has said, or their buddy has said, ‘that horse looks sharp’.

But what does that really mean?

When watching a post parade or runners on TV, pay extra attention to a horse that is literally prancing on the track, ears up, eyes alert, taking in everything about the surroundings.

A horse that is feeling real good about himself will sometimes just arch its neck, bring it in close to his chest in a tucked position and also present a super shiny coat, which indicates good nourishment and good soundness.

As the runners break out and break away from each other to warm up on the track, look for a runner that seems eager to get out and stretch out without showing any obvious signs of having a hard time to extend their legs.

At this point, try to see how the horse responds in the warm up and pay attention to if he is getting washy or seems to be straining to show energy.

This can quickly turn into a negative sports betting sign and brings to the front the need to take notes for future reference when that runners comes back to compete.

To decipher a keyed up sharp horse that is ready to roll or a keyed up horse that is expending so much energy that it is unlikely to give its best effort is not a simple chore.
Think of it a bit like the way humans react to games as a pro. Some football players, like Ray Lewis, will be pumped up to the 10th degree before games while other guys, like maybe Peyton Manning, will be able to laugh on the sidelines before a game and still play great.

Being relaxed is good; being too relaxed could be a sign of a dull horse. A horse that is just not right, one that is off his feed or has an ailment that has not yet been fully identified by the trainer, will tend to sweat and even look sort of scared.

Obviously, watching horses is a subjective thing but with hard work, experience and attention to detail, online sports betting site players can get an edge if they are on the look out even before the online betting race begins.

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