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Bet On Horse Racing - Avoiding the Bad Bets

Posted by Brian Mulligan on 11/28/2012 8:09:53 PM

For those that like to dabble with online sports betting sites, it is just as important to avoid the bad bets as it is to pick solid winning horses daily.

Think of it as staying away from bad produce. If one goes to the market and constantly buys perishable stuff that will spoil before getting a chance to be used it is flat-out wasting money and the same can be said of making ill-advised wagers.

One of the silly bets some make is to follow a runner just because you have success with the horse the day he graduated.

Know that it is not easy to beat winners right back because it is like jumping into the deep water when you barely have you toes wet.

This can be true even when an online horse betting runner jumps right into a conditioned claimer because the runner really has not established himself with any true level.

When maiden breakers try first-level allowance foes next out, it is usually a real wake up call.

If a runner breaks his maiden in a claimer, he or she should probably run back for a cheaper price against winners. It just makes common sense. If his or her connections thought the runner had any true ability, why was the runner entered for sale so early in his career?

Another mostly losing proposition is wagering on runners that have had every opportunity to succeed but continue to come up short.

But every day, you see runners that are one for 10, one for 15 or one for 25, take considerable action in the range of 5 or 6-1.

It just doesn’t make sense no matter how soft the placement seems for the runner today.

The figures may fit, he may be catching a few horses that he has already beaten, but these types of horses have not just won once because they have a heart of gold. They have only won once because they invent ways to lose.

If one is intent on playing these kinds of runners, do yourself a favor and be conservative and think about playing them in the minor slots in the exotic. Another angle that sometimes can jump up and bite online sports betting players is going all in on runners that just ran the best race if his career.

Face it, racing is a tough and brutal sport. It is not easy to go 40 miles and hour, overcome trouble, get stupid rides and win and it can be taxing on runners.

Unless a runner is clearly a classy animal, either a very high-class allowance runner or a proven stakes performer, running the best race of his life prior to today’s race is probably not the best remedy success.

First off, the runner will likely be hammered at the windows off the big effort.

Secondly, sometimes things just unfold right for a runner. He may get a lone speed trip, or he may fall into the right spot on the track that is extra good on a particular day.

If this runner is a speed horse, players have to make sure he will get the same kind of easy lead he got in his previous win. If there is other speed in today’s race, the odds of him being able to take the heat of a speed duel and still be around to talk about it dwindle heavily.

Relying on weights being the difference in a race is a sure way to give away money.

The ‘great equalizer’, ‘weight brings them all together’ and thoughts of the same ilk are not only outdated, they probably were never all that important from the get go.

Sure, getting 25 pounds in a handicap race is an edge, but the runner would not be so lowly gauged if he had shown a great degree of talent.

To figure that a small difference in weight, 4 or 8 pounds for instance, is going to effect a runner that weighs 1,000 or 1,200 pounds really doesn’t hold water.

The most astute online sports betting sites players avoid plays like this like the plague and it should be followed.

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