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Posted by on 6/24/2013 7:18:28 PM

In the world of horse racing, those online sports betting site players that avoid the losses are the ones that are around at the end to talk about it.

Think about it not unlike a round of golf. For the experienced player, the difference between being a steady single digit handicap player is avoiding the huge number on any given hole.

It’s kind of like the same thing in racing. When a player can concentrate on sound, well thought out wagers and stay away from the big bet when just taking a swing, those are the processes that will lead to success.

Horse bettors that continue to struggle are the players that don’t have a time tested and proven strategy that wins.

In contrast, a winning bettor takes the time to research and test a method to make sure it can show long-term profits.

Face it, for pro and novices bettor on horses is an emotional experience. Whether you are sitting alone in your living room with a laptop or among thousands at the local emporium live, the pitfalls of the game are screaming at you and just waiting in the wings to take you down.

The best horse bettors around know that if they limit action to the very best winning prospect, the chances that they can make a living at this sport increases exponentially.

There are certain bad traits that losing players seem to have in abundance and these must be avoided to succeed.

One bad trait is some players just can’t stand being wrong. It is more important for the majority of people to select and be on the winner of a race than it is to win money.

They’ll bet on the favorite even if it’s over bet just to make sure they cash a ticket. They’ll hedge their exotic bets with multiple horses even if it costs them money in the long run.

Do the opposite if you want to win.

Another horrible trait among proven losers at horse racing blame somebody or something else for their losses.

When you blame something or somebody other than yourself for your losses you will continue to repeat the same mistakes. If you say you lost because of the jockey, the trainer or the track you will repeat the same mistakes over and over because their actions are outside of your control.

If you don’t control your outcome your actions don’t have any consequences. (There are some things out of your control in the short term but we’re talking long term here).

Also, if they’re responsible for your losing they’re also responsible for your winning! You never hear someone give credit to the jockey or the trainer after they win a bet. The winning is always due to good handicapping; the losing is almost always blamed on something else.

Start taking responsibility for your bets; you’re the one that placed them.

Chasing is one of the worst things that a horseplayer can do and many unsuccessful players don’t cut back during long losing streaks.

The most important part of money management is not to let your losses get out of hand. You have to learn how to preserve your betting capital.

Most people start making bad decisions when they’ve lost too much money for their comfort. They increase their bet size or start betting on marginal horses trying to make their money back immediately. Why? They can’t accept losing or missing a bet on a winning horse.

You’re going to lose races and pass on winners that you could have bet. Accept that and make sure you have a good money management system in place and a large enough bankroll to withstand a losing streak.

Logic and control must be mastered for horseplayers to come out on top.

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