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  • The 2015 MLB season is underway and while it will take some time for the top teams in baseball to separate from the rest there have already been some early indications about the direction the majority of franchises are headed in. Here is a quick look at the best bets on the board for Thursday night???s games. +…
  • It might be only the first week of the 2015 MLB season but we already have a candidate for the ???Catch of the Year??? after Chicago White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton absolutely robbed Kansas City Royals third basemen Mike Moustakas of an RBI on Thursday afternoon. +…
  • MLB Baseball Betting: National League West Preview

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 3/26/2015 4:23:06 AM
    As you can tell by the odds the Dodgers are prohibitive favourites, again. They had to have been disappointed with the way 2014 ended and definitely did not stand pat over the winter. Neither did San Diego, who seems to have overhauled their entire roster to become relevant. In case you forgot the Giants won again last fall but if they follow recent form they will not win this season. The top is going to be very competitive but the bottom not so much. +…
  • MLB Baseball Betting: American League Central Preview

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 3/26/2015 4:22:18 AM
    Last year the Kansas City Royals built some momentum late in the year and made it all the way to the World Series. This season they are picked for fourth in the division. That doesn???t happen too often but it shows that many are expecting this to be the most competitive division, top to bottom, in the Majors in 2015. Detroit has been the frontrunner of late but it seems like they might be due for a slide. Someone will have to catch them though. +…
  • MLB Baseball Betting: American League West Preview

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 3/26/2015 4:21:38 AM
    It has been a long time since the Mariners were considered the top dog in the division but they are right now. They seem to have added enough offense to a strong pitching staff to make the push past L.A. and Oakland. The Angels have lots of big names but have actually been shuffling the deck more than you realize. Oakland has to always been considered a factor because Billy Beane is always two steps ahead and even though they are not as recognizable right now doesn???t mean they won???t win. +…
  • MLB Baseball Betting: American League East Preview

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 3/25/2015 9:19:29 PM
    The American League East has not been this wide open coming into a season in a while. The Red Sox and Blue Jays brought in some big names to juice up their lineups while other teams think they are good enough to roll with what they got and compete...maybe. Who knows what will happen in New York with A-Rod and the rest of the dinosaurs they have on their roster. Perhaps there is one last hurrah somewhere. +…



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