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In Spades the highest card wins the trick unless it is trumped by a Spade. How you play your highest cards usually determines if you come out a winner or not. In 2 player Spades you have to assume you will have to concede your low cards which are not Spades because you do not have a partner to cover your back.

Therefore, managing how you play your Spades and high cards is very important. Here is a good system on how to manage your hands:

If you have the high cards of a non Spade suit, Ace high and down then lead with those cards first. If you do not have the Ace high and down of any Suit then lead with the worst suit in your hand and lead with the second highest card of that suit..

For example, if you only have jack high or below of any non-Spade suit, then lead with that suit because most likely you will be dominated in that suit anyway. Try to avoid losing your Kings to Aces hoping that your opponent threw the Ace away. Try to draw the Ace out by playing a 10, Jack or Queen if you are holding the King of that suit.

You have to also manage how you play your Spades, because they usually determine if you get set or not.

Here is a basic principle on how to manage your Spades.
Always cut a non-Spade with your lowest Spade. If you do not have a lot of Spades then try to draw out Spades with non-Spade suits if you have a lot of non-Spade suits. Your opponent will most likely not have the same amount you do and will have to cut with a Spade in order to win the trick.

You should try to save your Spades until the end of the hand or to cut non-spades, unless you have the high Spade cards. If you have the high Spades, you can use them to win your tricks early and draw out your opponent???s Spades so they cannot use them to cut your non-Spades.

If you do have a lot of Spades and you have the high Spades then you want to draw out all of the Spades in your opponent???s hand as soon as possible and control the hand. This will more often than not upset your opponent because usually players count on using a few spades to make some tricks.

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