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The Domino Effect

Think Dominoes are just for kids? No way!

The game of Dominoes has been around since the 12th Century ??? it originated in China, moved to Europe in the 18th Century ??? and today is played around the world! It is considered to be the national game in many Latin American countries, is hugely popular in clubs throughout Europe ??? and is generally played as a party game in the United States.p>

Playing Dominoes is very easy ??? and it is huge amounts of fun ??? so don???t wait for a rainy day or to fill in a lazy afternoon ??? start playing Dominoes today ??? and make some cool money at the same time!

Objective of Dominoes

The first player to reach the designated final score wins the game. If a player reaches the final score during play, the game ends at that point.

The Set

A standard Double 6 set is used for all games.

The Draw

Players can choose to play with a draw of 7 or 9 dominoes from the stock. The dominoes not drawn are to the right side of the table to make up the Boneyard. The player who draws the largest Double makes the first play of the game. The first double played is always the spinner.

How to draw your Dominoes

You can pull the dominoes from the Boneyard by clicking and dragging the domino of your choice to your side of the table. If you choose to have the computer pull your dominoes for you, you can click "auto draw".


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