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In a set of dominoes there are 7 of each number, this is very important to always remember. In order to always have a domino to play you want to keep the open ends with the same numbers that are in your hand. The best way to do this is to maintain domino. When you have domino try to lay a double for which you have 2 or more dominoes that can play on that double.

A good hand is one that has 3 or more dominoes that have the same number as your double. This gives you a huge advantage over your opponent because it is highly unlikely your opponent is holding the other 3 dominoes of that suit, which means their options are limited for available dominoes to play. When you have a hand like this, what you want to do is play the dominoes that do not match your double first.

Save the dominoes that match your double for last, for they will be the easiest to get rid. However, try not to give up too many scores of 10 or higher while trying to get rid of the dominoes that do not match your double, otherwise the points you will receive from their hand when you do domino will be cancelled out.

When you have a dominant hand like this, try not to send your opponent to the boneyard to get a lot of dominoes to early. This will allow your opponent to go get what they need early in the hand and run their suit against you and possibly send you to the boneyard. I try to wait until I have 1 or 2 dominoes in my hand which are highly likely to play or even cinched to play before sending my opponent on a long vacation to the boneyard. Sending your opponent to the boneyard early to get a lot of dominoes also gives them the opportunity to score a lot of points during the hand before you can domino.

If you do not have domino then you want to get it. The best way to do this is to identify which suit you have the most of and run them down your opponent???s throat. For example, you may have four 5???s or more, in this case, you want to make your opponent play off of the 5???s. As I stated before it is highly unlikely the rest of the 5???s are in your opponents hand which means you can send them to the boneyard to find the rest of the 5???s and now you have domino.

In the case you have a mixed hand and you cannot dominate the hand with any given suit then you want to try and score as many points as you can without having to visit the boneyard. Try to score points and leave 2 open ends to play off of after each play. Also, watch which dominoes your opponent is trying to run on you. For example, if your opponent is trying to run 4???s on you and 4/2 or 4/3 has not been played then do not put a 2 or 3 on the end so they can force more 4???s on you.

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