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Horse Wagering Terms D-J

Racebook Terms

The following is a list of common horse wagering terms. If you have questions, please visit our Help section or FAQs page.

Daily Double
A combination wager where the player selects the winners of the first and second races of the day. He must place his bet before the start of the first race. The daily double is similar to the accumulator.
The female parent of an animal, i.e., the mother of a greyhound or thoroughbred.
Dead Heat
An exact tie in a race. The winner in a photo finish is determined by the position of the tip of the racer's nose, relative to the wire.
A term for a compulsive gambler.
An advantage over an opponent or the house in any wager. It can also be the advantage the casino has on any given wager.
Even Money (General)
A bet that pays the player the same amount that he wagered plus his original wager. Shown as a ratio of 1:1. Neither side lays any odds.
Exacta (or Perfecta)
Refers to wagering on a race in which the first and second place horses are picked to cross the finish line in a specified order.
Exacta or Perfecta Box
Refers to wagering on a horse race in which the first and second place horses (two or more) are picked to cross the finish line in any order.
The amount of money the player or book stands to lose on any action.
The physical state of the racetrack during normal weather conditions.
The team, side, horse or contestant competing in any given event considered to have the best chance to win.
Field (Racing)
The number of entries in a race.
A slang term referring to the outcome of a race, contest or game that has been illegally pre-determined.
Forced Out
A chartwriter's term describing a situation where a horse is crowded to the outside by one or more of the other racers.
A type of wager made, or lines/odds posted, on an event or outcome that will be determined in the future, for example on which team will win the Super Bowl. The player making the ante post or future wager often will enjoy better odds for having done so.
The official who decides the weights to be carried in events, and the grading of horses. Also, a person who analyzes, studies and rates sporting events.
Total amounts of wagers taken.
To wager the opposite of your original wager in order to reduce your exposure.
High Roller
A big bettor.
Holding Your Own
The result of breaking even, i.e., neither winning nor losing, during a wager, or series of wagers.
A player who is on a winning streak, or a slot machine that is paying out.
Hot Game
A game which is attracting a good deal of action, on one side, by skilled handicappers.
Hot Tip
Wagering information/data not yet in the hands of the bookmaker.
The area surrounded by the oval racetrack.
Intentional physical contact that obstructs or impedes the running of horses or players in a game.
In the Money
A first, second or third-place finish (i.e. Win, place or show)

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