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Casino Wagering Terms T-Z

Casino Terms

The following is a list of common casino wagering terms. If you have any questions, please visit our Help page or FAQs section.

Tap City
A term to describe the state of a player who has gone broke, possibly from a result of pressing. Also known as Tapped Out.
Triple Sharp
A very strong player who also happens to be a wiseguy.
True Odds
The ratio of the number of times one event will occur as compared to the number of times another event will occur. The odds posted in a casino are usually not the true odds.
Acronym for a big bettor deemed worthy of full complementary treatment, i.e., RFB.
Invalid with no result.
The amount of money a player voluntarily risks on a game. The wager can be in the form of cash, chips or vouchers.
Wheel (Poker)
The lowest possible five-card hand in low-ball poker, i.e., ace, two three, four, five. Also see, bicycle.
Wheel (Roulette)
The wheel upon which the game of roulette is played. Also see American or French Wheel.
To raise before, and after, a caller who gets caught in the middle.
Whirl Bet
A player's bet in craps that the next roll will be a two, three, seven, eleven or twelve. The whirl bet is made in multiples of five, with one unit on each of the numbers.
Wild Card
A joker, or other card designated as a joker, the player may substitute for any other card to complete his hand.
Wired Pair
A pair in hand.
World's Fair
A strong and promising hand.

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