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Casino Wagering Terms L-S

Casino Terms

The following is a list of common casino wagering terms. If you have any questions, please visit our Help page or FAQs section.

To lose part or all of one's winnings due to questionable gambling habits. See also blow back.
The maximum wager accepted by the house or bookmaker before the odds, points or price will be changed. Essentially, it is a cap on the amount a player can wager.
Live One
A derogatory term for an inexperienced, bad or loose player who has lots of money to lose. Also known as a mark, fish, provider and sucker.
Long Odds
Relatively small odds given that an event will occur.
Make-up figure
When you withdraw funds, the make-up figure is the amount you are required to deposit before you are eligible for bonuses again.
A $500 wager.
Pat Hand (Blackjack)
A hand of 17 or higher.
To wager a greater amount than usual.
Wagering winnings along with the original bet. A player is pressing a bet when he lets winnings ride.
A branch of mathematics measuring the likelihood an event will occur. Probabilities are expressed as numbers between zero and one. The probability of an impossible event is zero, while an event that is certain to occur has a probability of one.
A polite term for a player who makes the game profitable for other players at the table.
Refers to the number of times you need to wager funds before a withdrawal of funds in order to keep your bonus winnings.
Running Bad
A term for a player on a losing streak.
Running Good
A term for a player on a winning streak.
To win a great amount of money due to successful wagering.
A wise guy.
Short Odds
The odds for an event that has a good chance of occurring.
A term that refers to people who make small wagers.
An unsophisticated player.
To be playing badly and wildly, often while emotionally upset.
A depressing condition experienced by players who feel behind, buried, losing or down for the week, sometimes as a result of losing a substantial amount of money.
A player who has lots of cash, but lacks the basic skills to win. Also see, mark, live one, fish, and provider.
Sucker Bet
A wager that overwhelmingly favors the bookmaker or house.
A method of wagering that is usually based on a mathematical formula and is used by a player to get an edge.

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