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Casino Wagering Terms D-K

Casino Terms

The following is a list of common casino wagering terms. If you have any questions, please visit our Help page or FAQs section.

A term for a compulsive gambler.
The sum of $100.00. Also known as a Dollar Bet.
An advantage over an opponent or the house in any wager. It can also be the advantage the casino has on any given wager.
Expected to Win Rate
A percentage of the total amount of money wagered that a player can be expected to win or lose over time.
A slang term referring to the outcome of a race, contest or game that has been illegally pre-determined.
Flat Joint
Describes any dishonest gambling establishment or game.
A derogatory term describing players who wager little and expect something for nothing.
A player who wagers small money.
Gross Win
Winnings before expenses.
Total amounts of wagers taken.
To wager the opposite of your original wager in order to reduce your exposure.
High Roller
A big bettor.
Holding Your Own
The result of breaking even, i.e., neither winning nor losing, during a wager, or series of wagers.
A player who is on a winning streak, or a slot machine that is paying out.
A term for the casino or establishment that runs a game.
House Edge
The wagering advantage of the casino (house) usually gained by paying out less than real odds would require.
Kick It
To raise the bet

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